We collected great experience in nearly all special field of translation, this way we are ready to undertake to prepare veterinary translation, general translation, medical translation, as well as translations in the field ofelectronics, food industry, construction industry, transportation, economics, engineering, furthermore translation of instructions for use, and official documents, in addition translation of tourism, translation of informatics, literary translation, legal translation, commercial translation, cultural translation, marketing translation, media translation, agricultural translation, engineering translation, botanical translation, educational translation, tender translation, financial translation, political translation, sport translation, accounting translation, software adoption, moreover translation of telecommunication, social, natural, scientific texts, business, chemical industrial, electrical and musical documents, finally stylistic and grammatical revision.

Legal translation

Fields of law:
- criminal cases,
- civil cases,
- economic cases,

Types of criminal cases: forging public documents, smuggling, smuggling of humans, damaging the natural environment, larceny, fraud, causing road accident,
violation of the prohibition of entry and residence, and other crimes.

Minor offences

Indictments, motions, summons, orders of termination, and seizure, arrest, pre-trial detention, execution procedure.

Manuscripts, documents, instruments, decisions, orders, orders of appointing translators, orders of appointing interpreters, orders of appointing experts.

Certificates of incorporations, articles of associations, partnership contracts, other translations in relation of company cases.

Certificates, documents proving qualification, diplomas.

Trade: correspondence, contracts

Without urgent rate!

Our translation office differs from the majority of other private translators and translation offices dealing with linguistic intermediation in the fact that at Our Company there is no urgent rate. We do not intend „to make a return for” our clients’ urgent orders with an urgent rate of 50-100-200 % of the general price.